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New 9-Step-System makes you speak proper German in 90 days, without declension chart memorisations, and boring, never-ending (textbook) grammar drills.

Let me help to you speak proper German by Xmas 2021, with absorber method that helped me to learn 7+ languages.

This method works even if you believe you have no "talent" for languages (as I did before the age of 26), and even if you aren't super-young, or attempted to learn German without success before.

8 Languages in 8 Minutes

  • How to buy more time when you don't know what to say... and how to ethically copy successful polyglots who learn languages in months instead of many years, and speak 5, 10, or even 15 languages (many of them weren’t polyglots at some point, but total language failures).
  • How to remember what you want to say without freezing or saying uhhhhh, and how to stop being "that" foreigner who doesn’t speak German. Instead, socialise casually with locals around HB, old town, and Langstrasse, or even nail that job interview in German.
  • How to pull words from your memory faster and instead of making German ears bleed... start getting compliments on your level of spoken German.

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