Message for English speaking expats near Oerlikon/Glattpark

New system "to speak proper Geman (advanced fluency) in 90 days" with absorber formula, without burrying your head in apps, grammar books, or memorising thousands of declension chart rules.

So, you've got a great product to sell, but you really hate copywriting? You're not alone. That's why we've created this free report to teach you the pain-free copywriting tricks for non-writers.

  • How to ethically copy strategies of successful polyglots who learn languages in months instead of years and speak 5,10, or even 15 languages, (which at some point weren’t polyglots but total language failures)
  • How to build deeper relationships with Swiss (and stop being that foreigner who doesn’t speak German), instead socialise with locals around HB, old town, or Langstrasse and even nail job interviews, speaking proper german.
  • How to stop bleeding German ears when you speak and start getting compliments on your prononciation and level of spoken German.

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