Best Presentation from Dr.Krashen:
Scientific Research Secrets on everything about Foreign Language Acquisition...

All the studies are featured in the book: Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition,  pages 191-200

Some Results:

These are clips from action, from random class conversations, not some rehearsed "about me segments."

Barbara: see more here

"I Didn't want my daughter to translate German for me. I didn't wanna be that mom."


From struggling and only being able to say isolated German words is now able to talk in full sentences & talk freely at his work.


From stopping after 3 sentences, running out quickly from things to say to conversing freely on various topics. 


Was able to only say 3 sentences: "My name is Marcos. I come from Spain. I live in Zurich." He can finally converse in German.

Yocabet's story with

German & Switzerland  

From wanting to leave to finding her dream job

After 3 years in Switzerland, Yocabet was ready to throw in the towel. She couldn’t find a job in her industry due to a lack of spoken German and had to accept hard menial cleaning jobs. However, after 2.5 months of working with us, she was able to get a job interview in her field of logistics. She passed it, completed her first week, and successfully navigated the entire three-month probationary period all while working in a German-speaking environment. She is now able to function in German and continues improving.

Other Languages


"My French neighbor got shocked when she heard my French."


"I felt ashamed and I didn't want to speak with friends and colleagues in Spanish."


After many failed attempts, years even decades, Zulma didn't believe she could one day speak English anymore.

Yves: see more here

Struggled with Chinese for 10 years with tr. methods and apps like duolingo, etc. After 3 months he finally thinks in Chinese.

Some students love...

These are words of some of our ex or current students after experiencing the process 

Zulma Ferreyra

Hospital Nurse

Speak English? I thought forget it. Not possible for me.

"Before I thought languages are not for me. I struggled with English for many years and thought it's impossible for me, but now I can finally speak English. I still need to work on it, but I can't believe I can speak."

Marcos Perches


For 5 years I wasn't able to speak German, with comprehensible input after about 40 hours I started to have conversations in German

"I had a lot of problems here in Zürich because I couldn't speak German. Suddenly I was offered a position as a Headchef, but only if I was able to speak German therefore I needed to learn it pretty fast and I achieved my main conversational goal."

Juliette Tirado

Head of Sales

My French neighbor got shocked when I started to speak with her in laundry room in French after 2 months of acquisition.

"All my life I thought polyglots have some 'special gene' that they wake up and speak another language, but now I learn like them."

Yes. while it's true that Many Polyglots use Slightly different methods or strategies...

Still, if you listen closely... they all have one thing in common when it comes to fast language acquisition...

3 Important talks from Krashen

Key Points:

1. Why is acquisition more important than learning for fluency and accuracy in language use?
2. How does the ability to acquire language not disappear with age?
3. Why is speaking seen as a result of acquisition, not its cause?
4. How does providing comprehensible input facilitate both fluency and accuracy in language acquisition?
5. Why is the focus on comprehensible input suggested instead of traditional grammatical sequencing in language classes?
6. How would a focus on comprehensible input address the problems with the grammatical syllabus and provide a more effective way of acquiring language?

Last 3 Minutes of this Part 2 are Especially Important to Understand

1. The importance of providing comprehensible input in language acquisition
2. Why is it crucial to create a low anxiety environment for effective language acquisition?
3. How do affective variables such as motivation and self-esteem impact language learning?
4. The importance of language classes in offering comprehensible input
5. Why is it essential for language classes to provide comprehensible input?
6. How can teaching subject matter in a comprehensible way supplement language classes?
7. The importance of promoting autonomy in language learning
8. Why is promoting autonomy in language learning the ultimate goal?

Key Points:

1. Importance of comprehensible input in language acquisition
2. Role of understanding messages and engaging in meaningful communication
3. Input hypothesis
4. Affective filter hypothesis
5. Need for a low anxiety environment for effective language acquisition


Hi, I'm Peter Drotar

After studying German at school for 8 years, I still couldn’t speak it. When I first arrived in Austria and then in Switzerland I couldn’t mix with the locals. I absolutely needed to learn the language so that I didn’t feel like an outsider.

My shame drove me to search endlessly for a better way of learning. Believe me, learning languages was not easy for me at the beginning… I struggled.

Eventually I discovered what I had suspected all along: the problem was not me, but the methods I was using.

Once I discovered what’s really important for communication, (you’ll be amazed at how much of what is normally taught actually gets in the way of communication) and how to best use the mind for rapid learning, I acquired not only German, but before that also… Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

I am now a multi-language speaker... even though at school I used to believe I'm dumb (no language talent) & too old to learn languages or that it take years to learn one. So...

The main reason I have a lot to offer you is simply this: I have been where you are now. If you have ever had a tough time learning a language, we can help – and we are here for you.

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