Speak Proper German By April (spoken B2 level) 90 day-Valentine-sprint... 

Brand New Method In Switzerland that fastest language learners (polyglots) use, to learn languages in months instead of years...

Same method that helped our founder Peter to learn 8 languages!

9 Expats in 1 day needing to learn German

8 Expats in 1 day wanting to learn German

14 Applications filled out, people wanting German classes

Statistics Show, On Average, We Forget 80% Of Everything We Learned That Day...

...And With Studying GERMAN It's Probably Even More

Of german we forget In Just first day

Dear expat

Do you feel let down by the fact you attempted (maybe even multiple times) to learn German, wasted time and thousands of CHF on language courses, but still can't speak good GERMAN

Are you frustrated because (maybe) you even passed some exams, but unfortunately that din't help you to stop making German ears bleed, because you barely received any info on how the to actually carry on with casual conversations in German?

Are you aggravated with all the silver-talk language schools blabbing about confusing incomprehensible grammatical terms, and theory of the language, rather than delivering actual fluency?

Preparing for some exam, to get some paper that doesn’t help you at all to speak with locals and everyday people...

Are you fed up with never-ending grammar-drill exercises, chapter learning, scripted conversations in textbooks, or even duolingo, that don't reflect how people on the streets of Zurich speak at all, and therefore don't lead to your SPOKEN fluency!?

Have you ever dreamed of being fluent in German?

Just having casual conversations in your daily life... seamlessly talking to Swiss friends, even impressing them and getting comliments on your spoken German?

To be able to have small talk in your daily life and chit-chat casually by the watercooler at work f.e., and  therefore build better relationships with locals and work colleagues?

To relieve stress and further your career in Switzerland by improving your job prospects and communicating easily with people in your surroundings?

To connect with your partner's friends and family, and to make locals feel more comfortable around you?

Or maybe, one day, communicating with your kids' friends when they come over for play dates (or talking with the teachers/parents of their friends in German to make them feel at ease)?

Do you wanna make a lot more money... because not only could you put German on your CV, but actually perform job-interviews in German and smoothly blend in at work?

Would you like to know... how to train your ears so written and spoken German don't feel like different languages? How to buy more time when you don't know what to say. How to pull words from your memory faster? How to remember what you want to say without freezing or saying uhhhh.

Would you like to learn more German in 90 days than some have in 20 years?

...allowing you to put this NOT speaking German problem behind youAnd never have to worry about it again?

If so, then make sure you read every word in this letter, because I'm gonna prove to you (beyond the shadow of a doubt) that it isn't your fault at all ... why you still don't speak good German, but a fault of a broken system (which has a failure literally built in). A bad advice you might have followed.

Here's what I mean... 

My name is Peter Drotar, and I'm about to reveal to you the exact process... expats just like you (not some geniuses) acquire fluency in months instead of many, many years... and how you can too! And to do that without any special "talent", without being super-young and without being grinded down into a corner paying to learn theory of the language, but actually learning the language.

I mean, can you imagine Roger Federer becoming who he is just by learning theory of tennis, instead of actually learning to play tennis?

Here's What's It All About 

I still remember my last day in that run-down, walls-covered-with-sweat like, rotten hostel, where I've just spent the whole summer. In what seemed like the end of the world, in Narva (Estonia). I was getting ready for my final work-day... On TV was a weather forecast for Europe. My eye ignored every city apart from one. Zurich, Switzerland. I've spent last few years just day-dreaming about moving there. And my last job working as a barman for 2 Euro per hour was the straw that broke camel's back.

Few days later I made it to Zurich. By pure dumb luck I found a room (WG-zimmer) in a village close to Dübendorf. At first I was very excited to listen to a new language and jump into it learning...

My flatmate was German, I thought cool, we’ll speak German and in no time I’ll be fluent. Yet to my surprise he always insisted we speak English. To be fair my German was shite so I cave in.

But I was looking for a job so I really needed German. 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks and nothing. Slowly running out of money... I made German ears bleed constantly. They either switched to English or looked for a rock to hide under, and occasionaly laughed at my sentence structure and pronunciation.

It felt plain rude being here, but not speaking the language. I was crippled by this need of being perfect and began to feel like a total failure. 

Day to day stuff was the problem. I was getting stuck in conversations. From beginning I struggled with nominativ, akkusativ, dativ and also word order in sentences. Even when I understood what people were saying to me, I couldn’t engage my brain to reply. I would forget words 10 min. after I learned them.

At This Point I Hated German

My reading and listening wasn’t so bad, but my speaking was terrible. I could get around in stores, but when it came to carrying on with casual conversation I was useless. And I couldn’t get used to the verbs being at the end, especially 2 or more verbs together. It felt like they are being spitted at me backwards.

With my flatmate we tried German sometime, but it never lasted long. Once we kicked off the habit of speaking English there was no way back.

Also, I was scared to speak, scared of what people would think of me, that they will laugh at me. I might’ve known how to say something, but if I wasn’t 100% sure it's right, I stayed silent. I often said complete minimum because I didn’t wanna seem stupid, which made even those few people around me feel uncomfortable. 

German grammar made me want to stick pins in my eyes. I tried to read newspapers, because I remembered words better in the context of a story rather than just lists of isolated words. But I was so discouraged by my lack of progress that I didn’t even want to hear German.

Sometimes even if I said a sentence in perfect German people would switch to English, and my requests to speak to me in German were ignored.

It seemed like nothing has changed from my teenage days. I hated German at school! I could never get my head around the rationale behind all the stupid cases and their multitude of different endings with nouns adjectives etc. In classes, I also felt the need to be perfect all the time.

I left school and realized I’d never learn it if I only used it when perfect.

I was embarassed, but not like the older chap I met in a pub in city center 

He told me he had Swiss citizenship (I thought “how cool for him”), but that normally he keeps quiet about it when talking to locals. Why? It turned out, he’s been here for more than 20 years and his German was still terrible. To the point that he’d just keep silent about it, because he was embarrassed to be Swiss and not to speak the language properly.

Apparently At First It Wasn't A Big Issue 

Just small things like: potential employeers (sometimes) inquiring why he still doesn’t speak German during job-interviews. Or communicating with his wife’s family, their kids or their kids’ friends.They thought it was "funny", and that he was even labeled by his neighbours ‘that English guy’. He only realised how broken and halted his German was when he got divorced and suddenly there was no-one to take care of everything for him.

I surely hoped and was still even fairly confident to pick it up, and that this wouldn’t happen to me as this wasn't my first language learning rodeo.

My Flatmate Tried To Help Me To Get A Job...But

When he introduced me to his friends (one of them owner of the restaurant at Rigihof), he was surprised I still couldn’t speak German.

But how the hell? If all the people I tried to speak in German didn’t have patience for my halted speech and barked at me “English”!? And even he, my flatmate, wasn’t really interested talking German to me at home! But suddenly, I was supposed to be a German-performing- monkey.

Something needed to change fast for me, or my Swiss dream would be over before it even started. 

It felt like I was in Switzerland, but not in real (German speaking) Switzerland. I was in a bubble of my own, an English speaking world and I just couldn’t get out of it.

I already mastered few languages before, so struggling with German actually irked me. I didn’t know what was going on until I realised that I’m actually dealing with 2 languages or inputs at once - Swiss German on the streets, and consuming High-German media. And my brain was fighting with both! As if fighting with High-German since my childhood wasn't enough.

As a teenager I was a complete failure with languages at school. I had 8 years of German and 4 years of English, still couldn't speak them...

I left school like everybody else, basically knowing some pointless rules about prepositions, and subjunctive, but unable to speak, at all.

To add salt to injury I had to go through walk of shame and change my graduation subject from German to English (which was almost zero too, but not as bad as German).

And that was a bit of an issue because, wait for it... My mom is a German teacher back home in Slovakia, and half of those 8 years studying German as a teenager was in her class.

I didn’t really enjoy explaining myself, why me, a son of a German teacher, can’t graduate in German after 8 years of studying it. But almost all of my classmates, and even my younger sister and older brother were in the same miserable situation with German. So it wasn’t that bad.

However, At That Time I Didn't Know Why I Wasn't Able To Learn Languages 

But this time around I knew what needed to happen for me to become fully functional German speaker fast, I just couldn’t get to it.

You see in July 2009 I moved to Spain for summer job and learned Spanish to conversational level in 3 months, and fluent few months later. I looked back and pondered why I couldn’t speak German after 8 years, but I was already speaking Spanish after 1 summer there.

At first I thought it was because I spoke Spanish from day 1, but later I realised it was more about what that gave me...

More conversations, and longer conversations, in safe environment with my Spanish speaking gastro-colleagues and friends, who would correct me without laughing at me, which meant I received a lot of (what I discovered later) proffesor, linguist, and 2nd language acquisition expert Dr. Krashen calls the key to effective language learning...

The Comprehensible Input (C.I.) The Secret.

Often misunderstood "secret" to language learning. Not discussing grammar, but discussing interesting topics in comprehensible manner. It’s a paradox, the more we talked about grammar the less we learned (and more confused and bored to death we were), when we talked about interesting topics we learned languages through patterns.

I replicated this method later in Italian, French, Portuguese and even in Russian. So in that cold Swiss, December I knew that I just needed a human comprehensible input, and environment which would allow me to practice my German without shame when I make mistakes.

C. I. - The Misunderstood Key To Language Learning 

But without a job, I Almost Gave Up On My Swiss Dream 

When I received a call from HR at Radisson blue hotel at ZH airport replying to my CV application. They asked me to speak German.

I was scared, but I switched, playing it confident: “Ja ich rede auch Deutsch.” Few phrases I memorised. What helped me was working on my pronunciation, so what I was saying although limited, was very clear.

I managed to pass an interview... because again, I memorised answers to all the possible questions and got a job. Phew.

I went through a lot of embarassing situations in first 3 months, misunderstanding clients, and seeming very, very stupid. But soon enough everyone began to take notice, I was conversational, intermediate, then advanced German speaker.

Few months later when police stopped my car for routine check we had nice interaction and I even received a big compliment on My German (apparently it was unusual).

I've absorbed fluency through sponging the correct ways to say things, listening to my colleagues and work-friends with what I call now. The Absorber Method.

I Was Asked Frequently, What's Your Secret To Languages...

They would say you must be studying all the time, or you must burry your head in grammar books full of dull grammar exercises, or watch million hours of youtube... And some believed I had a "special brain" for languages. I just worked as a barman :)

With so much hoop-lah in the industry, I respect the scepticism, healthy dose is good - that means you are not a sucker, as maybe you got burned with most of the traditional methods just like I did.

However, they were wrong... very wrong. They just didn't know my secret weapon: Absorbing a speech pattern from other humans! Automating it.

And later I realised, I’m even better at teaching this when by chance I was contacted to make someone conversational in French in just 3 months from zero.

I discovered I was so good at it because I could strip away essentials from fluff easily and serve it to the student on a silver platter. Why? Because unlike natives (who are born with the language, and never have to learn it consciously as adults), I’ve been through this suffering myself, so now I could tell important things from BS and explain the grammar in stupid simple ways.

I knew how helpful this would be for others who want to finally achieve breakthrough...

But have experienced first-hand, or heard the horror stories of people who went to countless corporate language schools, spent thousands of CHF and still couldn't speak languages in Switzerland properly...

Immediately my first client learned to speak French and no-one believed she only learned French for 3 and half months (and in non French spoken city).

Her French speaking neighbors were in shock, even my sister who lives in Paris was jealous when she saw videos of her progress... tell you the truth I was jealous too.

We both remembered how hard it was at the start in the new country, when no-one can explain, or help you to speak, but bugs your head with milllions of rules instead of relentless focus on essentials for communications and understanding rapid speech...

My student was learning about 3 times faster than me because of my straight to the point approach ... and that's when I realised OMG this reallly works even better than expected.

And that's how 90-day Speak-German-sprint was born 

I developed my proprietary 90-day fluency sprint to Advanced B2 level, based on Krashen's theory, expert secrets of polyglots, and my own tips, trick, and hacks. The reason for this is simple:

Finding the system to acquire fluency can be hard...

For many expats going with traditional grammar drills and theory learning is more trouble than it's worth.

If you don't know who to trust (and what to look for), you could even end up convincing yourself you're stupid or have no talent for languages just like I believed til I was 26...

And that’s bad not only for your self-confidence, but also because you'll stop putting effort due to the lack of the clear and self-evident results...

And that's what I can help you with... to see clear, and evident progress when speaking German.

I will create a personalised strategy to make you speak good and proper German (fluent at b2 level) in only 90 days.

I've already made all the of the mistakes one could make in language learning so you don’t have to.

And now, I know how to shortcut the process for you!

What to avoid and how to properly teach you, to start SPEAKING with flow, while not making you feel dumb, but making you see quick wins and results, which will in turn encourage you to put more effort, which will give you more joy and confidence when speaking on the streets of Zurich.

Achieving spoken fluency in German in Zurich is not complicated, but...

“I had a terrible experience learning Hebrew and Russian in high school. I didn’t actually learn anything, which seems to be a common experience...”

Gabriel Wyner
Polyglot, speaks 10+languages. Author of the NATIONAL BESTSELLER - FLUENT FOREVER

Finding a system that works can be a nightmare

  • Due to misinformation in the industry, on one hand outdated profit-hungry traditional corporate language schools unwilling to change, and on the other youtube gurus promising to teach you language in 3 hours total, or some app like duolingo through scripted stuff.
  • Due to getting taken advantage of by wheeling-and-dealin corporations for which typical student is just a number, or amateurs who never learned another language and pose as experts just because they are natives (and were born with German), but were never in your shoes learning it as an adult. (Don't get me wrong, they’re still perfect conversation practice partners, they just can’t give accurate how-to advice, simply because they never went through it).
  • Because of having to deal with frustration of grammar confusion and overburdening... that goes nowhere, wasting your precious time and having to search further.
  • Because of wasting thousands CHF on a course that all but flopped when you were hammered down into corner... forced to pay thousands of CHF for theory knowledge, that you could google yourself, and the teaching style that can even make you hate German.

Our focus on the other hand is to guarantee your satisfaction by speaking proper German! 

Imagine 3 months from now when you are no longer struggling to express yourself...

Imagine being... at dinner with your new Swiss friends, family or neighbours, casually chit-chatting.

Imagine geting compliments on your level.

Imagine in the morning as you brush your teeth, knowing you’ll nail that job interview without a worry.

Traditional schools can only tell you what will be in the curriculum each month, but they forget to mention how much will you be able to retain, simply because it's the wrong method! 

Just take a look at this survey from Guardian (notice 3rd from the bottom).

If their system was effective, then everybody who ever studied languages in high school would speak 2- 3 languages after, but nobody ever ends up speaking anything, and the way they teach languages at schools in UK, or US, is the same like Slovakia, Sweden, or Switzerland. 

All Language Schools Just Copy Fatally Flawed System...

Probably you have experienced or heard nightmares, of wishy-washy grammarian language schools that instead of giving you the ability to speak, leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after spending your hard earned money for nothing.

That's because these jokesters (excuse the expression) are feeding you only the theory of the language (which btw is SOO EASY, any 15-year-old native could just read it from a book or you could just google it yourself).

To ad injury to that, they teach you words in categories, because it's easier to write their books that way...

A Really Lazy Way To Build Curriculum

Why are categories a problem?

Because to retain something into long-term memory you must be able to repeat it in conversations. Like the expression "Repetition is the mother of learning." Yes it is, but only the repetition in real life application.

But can you go to the bar and have a conversation with random Swiss person SOLELY about fruits (cause that's what was in that silly book that week), or JUST about members of the family, or JUST about animals etc.

You see at the beginning you only need the most important words of each category, the core of the language, which ensures high repetitions in conversations, which ensures your retention and progress, which gives you motivation to learn more and more, instead of killing your inner drive.

What these curriculums are designed to do is for you to enter never-ending forgetting-loop. It's not because of your bad memory, or not having talent, or not being a kid anymore. It's not your fault at all!

It's because you can't use that vocab when you learn words in categories... and what happens is, in semester 2 you forget semester 1, in semester 3 you forget semester 2 and etc. Make no mistakes these books might look new, but they are as outdated as video-cassettes.

Maybe these methods are good for profit-hungry corporate schools but for you to connect with people in Zurich. Forget about it.

Here’s what usually happens with word lists. First day you learn words related to a theme e.g. animals. So you learn the German words for goat, pig, donkey, horse, saddle, bridle, tiger, lion, zoo, etc. Next day’s theme is furniture: bed, sofa, table, chair, armchair, cupboard, toy box etc.

If you learn 10 words a day then after three days 10+10+10 = 30 words. Now you know 30 words. That’s better than 3 days ago - if of course you somehow managed to memorise them all - but can you go out and communicate in real Zurich world?

Not really.

What would you say? Dog cat armchair or pig saddle sofa? This is the most powerful secret for your successful communication in German. Instead of learning thematic words-lists that make you sound like a cave man, you discover patterns from freqently repeated vocabulary in conversations that multiply your German.

The traditional method is a fallacy, a failure repeated over and over. To be fair we can’t even blame them. According to K. Robinson (author of most viewed TED talk ever called - Do schools kill creativity?) all standardised test-school systems were invented during industrial revolution. Actually, it doesn’t even matter when it was. What matters is that someone or some board had to design that first lang. learning curriculum. Now imagine it was you and you had to design that curriculum. Really, try to imagine it.

Not one kid in the world learns that way...

Probably you’d say we’ll start to teach French or German f.e. with grammar, and we’ll teach words in thematic lists. Even I’d bet on that logic. So we can’t blame them yet. Students will learn fruits, then animals etc., and soon enough they’ll be fluent.

With only one problem, that is - if you look closely at how you learned your native language you’ll realise you didn’t do thatLanguage is not math. No baby learns their native language starting with grammar rules instructions (not you, not me). And no baby is handed a vocabulary list of words in themes to memorise. They learn naturally. Kinda natural selection for words, babies learn the most important words from each category, the priorities to survive.

Then at the age of 4, 5, or 6 when they already speak the language almost fluently, we start feeding them grammar... and that's the secret the grammar makes sense only because they already speak the language! 

A kid knows it's one dog, but two dogs. But a kid doen't know what's singular or plural. So how does he know that? A kid recognises patterns of correct speech in the same way as Federer knows how to hit a forehand winner, but couldn't explain to you kinetic movement of his forearm when he does so.

No grammar instructions and no thematic words to memorise for an infant. Instead they’re absorbing patterns and learning/overlearning the most important (and frequent) words, phrases and patterns.

You acquire bigger vocabulary also only once you speak the languageNo wonder everybody failedIncluding you. Including me. We can’t blame them for creating this (cause we’d probably use the same logic), but we can blame them for not willing to change it once the scientific research on 2nd lang. acquisition has shown the evidence this is not effective

It shows that not only too much grammar doesn't help, but may actually hinder your speaking, because instead of naturally flowing content you think constantly about grammar rules. Generally, you can see it on faces of the people who do that. With a child-birth struggle-like face expression, just to get the sentence out... thinking about grammar and content at the same time! And you know the results of doing 2 things at the same time.

And what's worse...

Even many Youtubers copy this, and instruct their native languages with countless grammar drills and words in categories.


Why? Because it’s easier to instruct grammar and teach words in categories, without considering long-term retention. Many times these' “experts’” only claim to expertise is being native speaker of that language.

Ask yourself how can someone who has never learned any language (or maybe just English, which in this day and age doesn’t even count like learning a foreign language, because of the whole Hollywood and music influence) give you how-to advice?

If you follow closely polyglots on youtube, they never give advice on a particular language. Because they don’t wanna teach you words in categories, or instruct grammar, because they know it doesn’t help students. It’s even very close to a fraud. They know it because they tried it, and at one point were failures at languages. They mostly give general, how-to go about learning advice. Because for them you are not just a number like for the...

Steve Kaufmann - 20 Languages

Steve Kaufmann - 20 Languages

For Corporate Language Schools A Student Is Just A Number...

They created a perfect business model. Superficial levels - A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2, as if natives on the streets knew how to speak to you based on that.

They are convincing people they need to go through all of them, to pay over, and over, maybe even make you pass an written exam (because guess what, they prepare you for that specific exam for months) which still doesn’t mean you can speak. It’ll be probably forgotten in days, because that stuff can’t be repated on the streets.

That’s why there's so many students who passed b2 exam, but still can’t say 3 sentences. I should know, I was one of them. And then, the system tells you it’s your fault (just happens to be perfect excuse for not having to deliver). The reason you do not speak German is cause you haven’t studied hard enough, or practiced enough. But practice, practice where? Wasn’t this what school was for, to practice speaking, if the speaking is the goal, and it is the goal, isn’t it?

"Everyday in practice... to me it was a competitionso when the game comes, there’s nothing I haven’t already practiced, it’s a routine, whatever happens in the game now, okay I’ve done this before."

- Michael jordan -

If you don't practice for the speaking, then how can you get good at speaking?

The business model of practicing for pointless grammar theory tests is so good for the corporations that some of the language schools now invented even sub-levels A1.1, A1.2, A1.3, A2.1, A2.2, A2.3 convincing students they need all of them. Why do you think they have so many levels?

Even many teachers hate this system because they know it doesn’t work, but they are forced to teach that way. And actually not only that you the student, but also teachers are often just a number for these companies. They can sub the teacher for any 18-year-old native speaker who can just start reading the theory from the book. McDonald's style of teaching where any 18 years old of the street could follow instructions from grammar book.

Ken Robinson once told a story about the difference between being involved in the task of doing something and achieving it. Like dieting, there’s Peter he’s dieting. But is he losing any weight? Not really. Teaching is a word like that, there’s Debra teaching in the room 34, but is anybody learning anything? No. Not really. So if nobody learns, do we still call that teaching?

And it’s not like schools or real world doesn’t know about it. It’s just that nobody has the power to change it. Scientists already know how human brains learn. But these outdated curriculums have been designed decades ago (if not a whole century) and are repeated over and over.

Will Public Ever Realise The Truth?

Change will be slow, until enough people complain. Just like cigarettes companies were convincing us that smoking wasn’t bad for many years after the science showed otherwise. In the same way these traditional schools will be convincing us for many years that their curriculums and way of teaching are not bad. After all, if public realised the truth (just like the polyglots did, which at some point weren’t polyglots, but language failures) then who would buy their pointless grammar courses, semester after semester. You just can’t learn a language by memorising thousands of grammar rules.

Polyglots have been saying this for years now. Research it, google it, why polyglots are against traditional classes. Or do you really think they were born speaking 10, 15 or 20 languages? Do you really think they learned those languages in traditional classrooms, how many courses and years would it take? Do you really believe they have some supernatural brains? So how come so many of those polyglots were language failures in high school, and in their twenties spoke only their native language. Google names like Benny Lewis, Gabriel Wyner, Lydia Machova, Olly Richards, just to name few. I worked as barman, and I learned to speak 7 languages.

Instead of this outdated way, we focus on a golden triad 

Not learning, but OVERLEARNING the most frequent words so you know them even at 2AM, by exposure and repetition to them.

Acquiring grammar through patterns and not memorising rules.

Improving pronunciation to make yourself understood, and working on understanding rapid native speech.

...That way you never have to worry about not understanding or not being able to express yourself ever again. That's my promise to ya.

Would you like to take my Absorber Method for a "test drive" ?

I'd be happy to help you to remove you from stress and ultimately start having good life here, by spending more time in real Swiss social circles. 

For a limited time, I'm offering a free discovery call to expats who meet a strict, but reasonable criteria.

I'm offering this to help exclusively expats who reached a point where they need a help, but have no time or money to waste with hypey language corporations, clueless private teachers, or brute trial and error years.

But, This Is Not For Everyone

Here's who we can help:

A. You must know at least a bit of the basics, and you simply want to achieve success a lot faster.

This offer is for expats who already tried, but couldn’t achieve breakthrough in speaking part in casual conversations or job interviews... (guess what, interviews should be casual and relaxed conversation for both parties, and not some child-birth like struggle to get a sentence out in German).

B. It’s not for people who are struggling to cover the rent, as these service cost money as with any other profession. In that case you’d need to do more figuring it out on your own google/youtube. As sadly I cannot provide 3 months for free, only 2 weeks to basically give you time to see the results and make up your mind based on that. If you can't afford investing into your skills you can’t afford to grow and progress in life profesionally or socially.

It's also not for the types who believe in youtube clickbaites like learn language in 3 hours to fluency with no effort, or for miracles searching! The level achieved will be a confident B2 level, not some pointless paper but actual ability to speak with flow.

C. You should be able and willing to allocate 6-8 hours per week on this (although, a bit more or less might be considered.)

I know you are busy, but this is a small time-investment considering this problem will disappear from your life, because I’ll also show you how to incroprate progress into your daily life after.

D. You must be able to keep your commitment and basically keep showing up

Although you won’t be forced to speak, ridiculed or have some crazy homeworks to do. I'll just give you some recommendations for TV shows.

E. You should be open-minded. 

I lived all over, learned about cultures. UK (Walsall, Farnborough), Menorca, Barcelona, Algarve, Milano, Nice, Megeve and even close to Russia in Narva, Estonia. And therefore I enjoy company of open-minded people. And it’s also very good for learning.

F. You must be able to follow my instructions (but dont worry it’s never something crazy)

At the end of the day, you are deciding to work with me because of my expertise in rapid language acquisition. If you don't follow my strategy, meddle with it, or constantly feel the need to tell me how to do my job... neither of us will be satisfied with results.

Also, I'm not interested to work with price shoppers, but results shoppers! I'm not interested in tire kickers... but real people who value short and compact skill acquisition instead of slow and fluffed up! To work with people who understand the value of shortcutting learning curve.

I'll always be honest with ya and expect the same in return. That's it - those are my requirements.


Then schedule a discovery call with us below. Your initial call will be short. We'll ask you some questions to see if it could be a good fit.

After that, I'll know more about your current situation and whether or not we can help. Then we'll schedule a demo where we'll go over exactly what we do and how... and how it looks compared to other options and exactly what would you gain... Then you'll have all the info you need to know whether or not we should do business and to make an informed decision.

One more thing. This opportunity is extremely limited due to the intense nature of personal coaching...

For that reason, it's literally impossible for me to accept and work with more than 2-3 people in this manner.

I can only accept 2 students, maybe I could squeeze 3rd in the afternoon. Why? Because the way I teach is very exhausting and I need about an hour after the class to cool down...

It's because I'll teach you in a natural way and treat you like a kid (which you might be in German talking terms)...

I'll answer every question right there on the spot, whatever pops in into your head, I'll repeat even 100 times if necessary a word without going crazy, because I know at the beginning it's just too much information.

I won't make you feel bad for not knowing something. Plus I'll explain to you grammar quickly/efficiently without bogging your mind (In German or English if needed).

So this is a Friendly Warning: Time is a factor 

This Offer expires on 14th of Sept. or when first 2 people sign up, I might accept later 3rd one for afternoon class if I’ll have time.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity wont be open for too long.

If you feel like this is right for you, and you'd like to explore the possibility of working together, then go to the calendar below now and let's get the ball rolling.

To your success

Peter Drotar :)


Hi, I'm Peter Drotar

I'm a self-taught polyglot from Slovakia, living in Zurich, Switzerland. After studying German at school for 8 years, I still couldn’t speak it! When I arrived in Zurich I couldn’t mix with the locals. 

I absolutely needed to learn German so that I didn’t feel like an outsider. My shame drove me to search endlessly for a better way of learning. Learning languages was not easy for me at the beginning… I struggled! 

Eventually I discovered what I had suspected all along: the problem was not me, but traditional methods I was following. Once I discovered what’s really important for communication, (you’ll be amazed at how much of what is normally taught actually gets in the way of speaking), and how to best use the mind for rapid learning... I acquired not only German, but before that English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian too. 

I have been where you are now. If you have ever had a tough time learning a language, we can help – and we are here for you!

My Practice: 8 Minutes 8 Languages


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In case you're inpatient like us, here are important details:

I'm offering to help you to stop speaking with broken and halted German, and instead start to speak with good and proper German (b2 spoken fluency) in 90 days, using absorber method and 90 day live sprint program... so you can build deeper relationships with people in Zurich, and go from outsider to insider... nail those job interviews in German, and in general instead of making German ears bleed start making them feel comfortable around you, and even compliment on your level of spoken German.

I'm offering a FREE discovery call to help you see if exploring working together could be beneficial for you. I'm so confident I can bring you to b2 spoken fluency in German in 90 days, that if accepted (based on some criteria) I offer 14 days complete money-back guarantee.

Simply said if you don't see tangible results after 14 days (that prove it really works) I'll return your whole investment plus give you 100 CHF for wasting your time.

This free discovery call is only for expats in Zurich (Oerlikon/Glattpark etc.) who tried German before (and are stuck), but still driven to break through the learning wall... and to finally speak good, proper German with flow, instead of broken and halted speaking.

Because of my other students (that I currently teach French and Spanish) I can only accept 2 people for Speak German by Xmas 2021, 90-Day-Live-Autumn-Sprint-Program... 

So this call is very limited and won't be offered for much longer. Schedule NOW to reserve your's today before it's too late. There are...

And that's how 90-day Speak-German-sprint was born 

I developed my proprietary 90-day fluency sprint to Advanced B2 level, based on Krashen's theory, expert secrets of polyglots, and my own tips, trick, and hacks. The reason for this is simple:

Statistics Show That 8 Out Of 10 Social Media Ad Campaigns, Of Businesses Like Language Schools, Fail Completely. 

And are just waste of time and money. But as grim as it sounds, this could be very good news for any open-minded language school, and actually, bring new students in. In droves. Here’s what I mean: My name is Peter Drotar. I’m a language learning blogger and polyglot from Slovakia. I currently live in Zürich, Switzerland. The main thing you should know about me is that…

I Hate Traditional Advertising 

I believe it’s designed (very efficiently) to rob language schools and other small to medium-sized businesses. And if you have ever been disappointed with the results of your advertising campaigns, you are about to see what hides behind it. The following quote might shock you. It might even seem a bit unrelated. But if you read this to the end, you’ll see how it directly affects your language school. Not many people know this, but… The “father” of modern advertising David Ogilvy (founder of Ogilvy & Mather) once famously admitted that…

“99% Of Advertising Doesn't Sell Much Of Anything”

Ogilvy was constantly telling people around him… that the only people who knew what the heck they were doing were the direct response guys. Because people either responded to their ads, or they didn’t. Which allowed them to measure results, and discover what works. But unfortunately, there’s few of them in standard Agencies. Have you ever wondered if traditional advertising works so well, then why is it that…

You Never See A Billboard From An Ad Agency Advertising Their Own Services To Get More Clients

Something cute and vague (same what they recommend to their clients) like: “Advertise with the best Agency in town”... Event planners throw their own parties. E-marketers use the Internet. It’s important to know this because you might have unknowingly fallen into the trap of copying their style of advertising. So why don't Ad Agencies use their own discipline? Well, it’s simply because…

The Advertising Industry Knows That Everyone Hates What They Produce

That’s why we now have ads at the beginning of online videos that are impossible to skip. These are the only innovations. New ways of forcing us to watch what we don’t want to watch. Often they show us studies about the importance of advertising based on one simple fact: that consumers are more likely to buy a service or product they've heard of, versus one they haven't. (As if we didn't know that.) It’s even more suspicious if you look at…

Two Likely Scenarios: And Both Just Happen To Be

Perfect For (Digital Or Typical) Agencies

(1) They’ll create something “creative.” And by pure dumb luck, on an extremely rare occasion, they'll manage to get you more business. Or more likely number (2), which is like 99% of the time. They’ll tell you a nice little story (an excuse) they created about a hundred years ago when they couldn’t produce money-making ads for their clients. It’s this…

“You’re Not Seeing Results Because... We Are Building A Long-Term Image Of Your Language School”

So either way, if they get you students or don’t, they can’t lose! In modern times, this excuse might be getting you x number of FB likes. ANYTHING BUT ENROLMENTS. Similar to what the late billionaire Ted Nicholas discovered…when he first worked as an intern in a traditional Agency. When he suggested to the CEO that they should put coupons into the ads. To find out if people bought the cars as a result of their advertising. The CEO responded…

“It’s A Good Idea, With Only One problem… Our Clients Would Find Out About The Numbers Too.” 

So he learned very fast they don’t want to measure the ROI (return on investment) of any campaign, at all. Because they wouldn’t be able to feed the business owner with more BS and keep him longer. That somehow all these ads you pay for now, will bring back the money in 5-10 years. Well, who knows if that business will even be around in 10 years? Especially if it can’t get any consistent sales (and has the lack of paying students) right now! Usually, it takes about 6 months for the business to realise nothing is happening. Hey, but…

What About The Big Corporations?

You know, these standard Agencies like to talk about campaigns of Nike or Coca-Cola but forget to tell you…that companies like Zara, or Starbucks never used branding campaigns and seem to do pretty well! And they forget to tell you about the millions of small businesses that perished because of their stupid, so-called “creative” campaigns (full of vague slogans), which can be created in 30 seconds. Let me demonstrate:

Example for a Lang. School: “Study At The Right School.”

Example for a Dentist: 

“Your Smile, Our Competency.”

Example for a Gym: 

“Train At The Best Gym.”

Is it any wonder, then... That According to various Inc. and Bloomberg studies... An alarming number of small businesses fail in the first 5-10 years (around 90%). So…

If You Don't Have A Multimillion-Dollar Budget Of Corporations Like Berlitz...Wouldn’t It Make Sense To Focus On Campaigns That Produce Students Now?

But unfortunately, these Agencies still seem to rely only on the law of averages, which states that: “If you throw enough stuff on the wall, some of it will stick.” Their tactics might work for small products like a can of Pepsi, or clothing brands like Nike that can pay for celebrities. But when it comes to generating leads, which turn to sales, enrolments and repeated customers (the life-blood of a small business). They are clueless!

You think I’m kidding with all of this? Then try to call any big standard or digital Agency around you and ask them this simple question... “What is the process of creating a profitable ad, what are the exact steps?” And watch them stutter. And just to clarify, I am not anti-brand at all. All I’m saying is that…

It’s Not Fair To Waste Your Money On Something That Doesn’t Work And/Or Can’t Be Measured

Language schools can get enough brand exposure through direct response (measured) advertising, which creates brand awareness as a BY-PRODUCT. Your brand is still visible. But in a smarter way. Because according to a marketing genius Dan Kennedy... Great advertising (especially for small businesses) is not about tricks, dancing bears, catchy songs or slogans that rhyme. It’s about forceful communication, answering the most important business question, which is:

Why Should I – The Prospect – Do The Business With You (Your School) Versus Any Other Option Available To Me (Which Includes Doing Nothing)?

Campaigns like: study with us because we have academic teachers, or because we have small classes, might work sometimes... Like in September, when demand is high. But they will never produce a consistent flow of prospective students into a sales pipeline. No predictable cash-flow. Why? Because all schools say they have small classes. That they have academic teachers. That they are the best school. But no one proves it. And this leads to failed campaigns, which leads to…

Many Language Schools Trying To Advertise Themselves

But often, they don't realise, they still copy an advertising style that has a failure literally built-in. This typically results in language schools saying that the social media ads don’t work, or that their audience isn’t there. In reality, it’s the words in those ads that don’t work…then

The Language School Might Try Organic Marketing And Lose Their Sanity

As you keep hearing claims that certain numbers of Facebook posts, likes, tweets, blog posts, or master the Google algorithm, and the students will beat the path to your doorstep. It’s a time-consuming, confusing monster of social media accounts and blogs. And just when you are above the water with it, there’s one more new gimmick to master. When in reality, all you have to do is to answer the: “Why should I study at your school”, question. And to do it well: A business must usually have three things right: (1) Story (2) Great Incomparable Offer (3) Relationships


Virtually every great business has some kind of origin story of why they’ve started. Many amazing books were written on the subject. Most notably “A StoryBrand” or the eloquent…“No Story No Business.” This backstory led founders to discover their BIG IDEA. Which led them to discover a unique method (a mechanism of achieving results for their students) that only they possess. Important words are ONLY THEY. Because it gives them…

An Unfair Advantage In The Marketplace 

F.e. Drew Manning, the founder of fit2fat2fit.com, became super overweight on purpose. Just to know what it's like. And then went back to a six-pack. So he could better serve his clients to become fit. He invented his unique method. Or Gabriel Wyner from Fluent Forever, who cheated (with Google Translate) on a French placement test. He got himself into intermediate class, but he still had to pass an in-person interview. This meant he had 3 months to learn decent French (in New York) from zero. He scoured the internet for the fastest possible way to learn and came up with his unique method (computerized flashcards). What if your story said: 

The First And Only Language School In Your City… That Hired The Fastest Language Learners, The Polyglots, And (Or) Researched Their Methods Of Learning

So expats in Zurich can not only pass an exam but, finally, speak proper German instead of speaking with broken and halted German. By the way, this unique method doesn’t have to be ground-breaking, just a combination of already existing ideas or something that you named first. Like Benny Lewis, who now runs fluentin3months.com. His “unique” method is: Speak From Day One. This brings us to the second ingredient…

The Offer

Of many reasons why ads fail, without a doubt, as the late Gary Halbert (true marketing legend) used to say, the most important thing to fix is the offer. In his words, “it’s because a stupid ad can be saved by a great offer, but a great ad will never work if it has a weak offer.” In fact…

The Offer Is The Heart And Soul Of Great Advertising. Not The Artistic Appeal Of How Beautiful The Ad Is, But How Many People Respond To Its Offer

Domino’s Pizza was built on such an offer: Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered In Thirty Minutes Or It’s Free. They could have said: Fresh Hot Pizza In Your Home In Half An Hour Or You Don't Pay. It means the same thing. You know, these Ad Agencies just love to talk about the “art” of how you say something, and yes…

How You Say Something Is Important, But What You Say Is Absolutely Crucial!

F.e. instead of saying: We offer a German Course. Your school could say... Pass an exam, become a confident German speaker, nail that job interview, and become the life of every party in ZH, in 6 months or less, by using our unique and completely new method, without endless (and boring to death) grammar exercises. Doesn’t it sound better than a B2 course? Plus, this kind of offers would stop prospects from comparing your courses with other schools and shopping around for cheaper. Imagine every school in town selling a B2 course, but yours would say the following:

  • You’ll get a test preparation, so you’ll pass an exam to be accepted for a long stay in Switzerland.
  • You’ll get completely new verbal training. So not only will you be able to pass an exam, but actually speak to real human beings in ZH, in German. So you don’t feel excluded here and have better conversations with the Swiss locals.
  • A flashcard creation course for rapid vocabulary gain, so you finally remember the most important and frequent words.
  • A connectors guide for smooth speaking when socialising.
  • Hacking tenses guide, for a safety net, when you’re stuck for correct words. Etc. 

Or something similar. At this point, your offer can’t be compared anymore, because nothing like it exists! And third thing successful companies have in common are…

Relationships With Prospective Students

 [Know, Like And Trust Factor]

Chet Holmes, known as “America’s Greatest Sales Executive,” discovered in his 20-year research... that regardless of the industry, only 3% of the marketplace are in a “BUY MODE,” right now. Only 3% of expats in your area are searching on Google f.e… But the remaining 97% are in different stages of awareness. This means they are aware they have (a not speaking) German problem, but aren’t currently looking for a solution. From those 97%... 7% are open to buying now (because they’re unhappy with their current solution). And the remaining 90% is split almost equally into 3 parts: Not thinking about it (now). Don’t think they are interested (now). Know they are not interested (now). You can read about his research in his bestseller book - The Ultimate Sales Machine. So, unlike the typical way, the more strategic approach suddenly opens you up to 70-97% of the market. Instantly increasing the number of your potential buyers by as much as 600%! Think about it. What happens when you put your ads in front of 90-97% of people who aren’t interested? Very simply – they’ll ignore you.

On Top Of That, You Are Competing For That 3 - 10% Of The Market With Every Other School

And the school with the biggest budget wins just on frequency. The number of times those messages are displayed. But usually, nobody competes for the remaining 90-97%, which could be open to buying from you with a compelling enough argument. If we were able to awaken their desire and interest with a proper ad, or with…

Education-Based Marketing!

Joe Polish (founder of Genius Network Inc.), who now works with billionaires like Richard Branson or Tony Robbins, tells a story of saving his business... when he was almost bankrupt and went from doing $2,000 a month to $12,000 a month. In just a few months. He didn't even get any better at his job, which was carpet cleaning. He only changed his words. His messaging. He created guides like: “7 Misconceptions About Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaner.” Or “6 Questions To Ask A Carpet Cleaner Before You Invite Him To Your Home.” You see, there were a lot of things people didn't know about his industry. And when he was the one who educated them, in reciprocity they chose him when they needed a carpet cleaner. And he did that with a subject as boring as carpet cleaning! This is called…

Permission Marketing, Which Is The Exact Opposite Of Traditional Advertising

Where it’s all about beating peoples’ heads with a quantity of meaningless slogans, which miss the majority of your prospects anyway. That’s why posters and billboards are ineffective. Because the prospect has to be ready (for your service) the very moment he sees your Ad. And the majority of people aren’t ready or for various reasons can’t act now. Then there’s another big problem, which is...

Wrong People For... 

(Swiss) German Classes

The Waste Circulation Of Targeting! The Most Expensive Thing in Advertising

Where with some media you spend a big part of your advertising budget to show your ads to the wrong people. F.e. a billboard in in Zurich Central advertises to tens of thousands of people. Yes. But more than 80% can’t become your clients anyway. Because they are natives and already speak (Swiss) German, or are German nationals. And similar mistake of wrong targeting can happen on social media (with inexperienced advertisers) as well. And in both cases, you do pay for those wrong people to see your ads too! But, imagine this: John moves to Switzerland in January. He’s looking for a job. He’s also thinking about getting his teeth fixed, plans to start doing yoga, lifting weights, and learning German. But not yet (maybe in March). Every day on the tram he sees meaningless slogans. But what if he saw an ad that says on the bottom... “And if you are not ready for a language course now, at least go to our website, so you avoid making costly mistakes in the future, and get your…

Free Guide: 7 Ways How To Avoid Being In Zurich For Years And Still Be “That Foreigner” Who Can’t Speak German

That content would create a relationship between you and John before you even saw or talked to him. A system, “A Machine” that produces prospective students on autopilot and waits for their interest to mature! Or you could even pique their interest with a special limited offer for subscribers only. Plus…

You Are Literally The Only One Who Communicates With Prospective Students This Way. No Competition

Suddenly, unlike usual businesses — without a student generating system — operating on “selling events only” (good in January, bad in June, good in September, bad in July)... This would produce a “basket” full of prospects available to you at any time. Also, because you are educating people, you are now positioned as the expert. THE SCHOOL. And there’s a big advantage in being viewed as authority! People are now ready to travel to you even from a distance, whereas before they made their decision based solely on which place is nearest. Or has the cheapest course. And luckily, there’s even…

A Simpler Option To Start Right Now: It’s To Give Away A Voucher For A Trial

But, not just give it to them. Let them subscribe. Send them the voucher by email. And from then on, we could start educating them about language learning. And connect with them through our 5-7 day email sequence (about why we started our business). Which could already convert a lot of prospects. And at the end of that sequence, the voucher would expire. To motivate those still thinking about it to act!

So once you have a great story, unique method, great incomparable offer and relationship building system... that’s a good start for money-producing ads. But before that, we have to understand something about readership

The Ad

Should Your Ad Even Look Like An Obvious Advertising?

You see, what the direct response guys discovered... Is that the editorial (or what appears to be editorial/article material) has about 500% more readership, than any obvious advertising. 500%!  Why? People love stories, but they hate blatant sales pitches. And those typical ads just scream: we only want your money. Is this not true with all the advertising you receive in your mailbox? Don’t we write “No Advertising Please” on our mailboxes? Don’t you separate personal letters from obvious advertising? Don’t you read one and throw the other into the bin? We all do. Because we already know what they want. To sell us something we don’t need. All these ads (full of stock images) just scream…


Hey, want to buy my car? Huh? Hey, want to buy my mascara? Huh? Hey, want to buy my Yoga classes? Huh? Huh? Huh? This approach might work on 3%. On people looking for that specific service right now. But what goodwill or value does it provide for the rest of the marketplace? Zero. That's why… 

First, We Have To Make Sure Our Ads Are Read And Not Ignored!

That we aren’t an annoying pest, but a welcome guest in their life. And we do that by writing ads that provide value and look like stories (in which they could see themselves). For that, we use tried and proven formulas like AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action). Or PAS (problem, agitate, solve). Regardless of which, we must always make sure our ads get their attention with proper headlines... Or calling them by their identity (like, “Hey expats in ZH”). Then, as Robert Collier (the greatest ad-man that ever lived) would say: We have to enter the conversation in their minds. We must first talk about things that trouble them now when it comes to not speaking German. We describe their feelings better than they can themselves (this comes from research). And because we describe the difficulty so well, they’ll know we have the solution. Then we present our offer and send them a voucher f.e... We limit the vouchers available to a certain number and give them the expiring date. Because people often act only when there’s something to lose. But, at this point we still didn’t win, we still have to communicate to them that this is a new opportunity, that…

Our Solution Is Not Better! But Completely New

Your prospects are already sceptical. They have tried to learn German with other schools/methods and failed. So in their minds, another course is just more of the same. Maybe a little better. (Plus, they might believe they have no talent for languages because of past failures.) But if you present something completely new. A new opportunity. They can’t tell themselves anything. The only way is to find out. However, if our idea is not unique it’s useless. Why? Because it will not activate the dopamine pathways in your prospects' brains. 

Without The Release Of Dopamine, Your Potential Customer Will Just Ignore Your Message 

Few people know that cognitive neuroscientists N. Bunzeck and E. Düzel used MRI images to study how the brain reacts to novelty. They found that a region of our midbrain called substantia nigra “lights up” when we see new stuff. But it’s only activated when we see something completely new. If it’s something familiar, it stays asleep. That’s why you see so many new diet methods, because new works! Now…

You Could Try To Create All Of This Yourself, But Probably You Have A Lot On Your Plate Just Running The School. And Now…

You’d have to learn by the brute force of trial and error all about proper targeting, so you don’t waste your money on the wrong people. All about researching the pain points of your prospects. What they love or hate. Their fears, goals, and desires, so you can speak to them in your ads. All about headlines (to hook people in), images and writing compelling story-looking ads. All about calls to action, sales pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages, email automations, subject lines (so they open the emails). Vouchers design and delivery. And about bonding with people in your emails. So they take action. And if you miss just one of these things, the campaign could fail. But maybe you could do it. Who knows. However, wouldn’t it be better if not you, but someone else ran around your city, telling people how amazing your school is. And if this person displayed those recommendations in front of the right eyes. Expat eyes near your school, 24/7. And, actually…

The Best Thing That Could Happen To Any Language School Is…

If some famous reporter or a YouTube polyglot, who has a hundred thousand email subscribers (f.e. Luca Lampariello, Steve Kauffman, or Olly Richards) would find out about your school... And would write an article for all the local media. Raving and raving about how your school helps expats in Switzerland to break barriers, and finally speak proper German. That’s why…

People getting on our calendar

Apps Like Babbel Use Polyglots In Their Ads

Because they are celebrities in the language learning space. How they study clearly works if they speak 10+ languages. And language learners look at them as an authority. Also, they have already built trust with their audiences. And if they had some subscribers from your city, then for sure many of them would be interested. And they'd believe that your courses are amazing. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen because… (1) These polyglots don’t necessarily recommend traditional schools. (2) They are already too big online and wouldn’t need to partner with physical schools. (3) Their thousands of subscribers are from all over the world, not just from your location. I on the other hand might not have thousands of subscribers…

But What I Do Have Is The Ability To Write Ads That Compel Expats In Switzerland To Take Action. And To Get Those Ads In Front Of Their Eyes 24/7. I’m Able To Do That As a Result Of The Following Reasons

  • (1) I possess a deep understanding of direct response advertising because I’m a real marketing nerd and have behind me more than 5,000 hours of learning, testing, tweaking, studying and practice of real (direct response) marketing.

  • (2) I lived and worked in 7 different countries (UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland). So 7 times I felt exactly what expats in Switzerland feel. Not being able to integrate without the language. I have a deep understanding and empathy of how they feel, that no other advertiser has. I see into the minds of your target audience because… I am your target audience. And good marketers should know everything there is about their target audience (goals, fears, roadblocks and desires). So they can appeal to them in their sales messages. The way I write speaks to their hearts and heads. To their emotions and logic. Because I am them and I feel what they feel.

  • (3) And lastly, because I lived and worked in those countries. I was able to learn 7+ languages to a conversational (around B2) level. So when expats see the videos of me speaking 8 languages on our pages, ads, or emails... it gives me instant credibility and authority that what I do (and recommend) works. Also, because my occupation was to work in the service industry (hotels and restaurants), they believe they can do it too. They think: if Peter can, I can too, as opposed to me being some kind of Einstein with a supernatural ability to learn languages.

And just so you know…

This Is NOT Some Theory But (Already) Tried, Tested And Proven Campaigns

You can click the button above to get on our waitlist for insiders only. Take a look at our whole process. Exact ads, sales pages, landing pages, opt-in pages, images, headlines and even targeting. In the last 2 years, I perfected this system. I ran ads for imaginary school. I even closed many people on the phone. Just to prove that this 9-step-student-getting-system works. I even taught some of them without being a professionally trained teacher. So…

Let Me Be That Reporter, Polyglot And Advertiser Who Raves About Your School

Who recommends and directs expats to only one school in your city or town. YOUR SCHOOL. And do all of this for you so you can focus on your students, growing your business and sleep calmly instead of worrying about where your next student(s) will come from.

Here’s The Deal: I’m Offering You Collaboration And My Services Of Creating

  • Story-ads (with relevant headlines) to hook people in, so they read and don’t ignore you
  • Design vouchers, deliver them per email, as well as design and use of great ad images
  • Set up application pages with relevant questions to get the most serious people
  • Help you to communicate your USP and why should they enrol in your courses
  • Customer research to know what words exactly move your audience (now)
  • Connect opt-in pages to email autoresponder service and set automations
  • Set up and monitor FB ad campaigns based on direct response principles
  • Write click-worthy subject lines, so the emails are actually open and read
  • Present and recommend your school as the only viable solution
  • Create and design sales pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages
  • Help you to come up with a new opportunity kind of offers
  • Write compelling advertising about their pain points
  • Send emails with tips, tricks and value videos to build goodwill in advance. So they don’t forget about your school (or your school’s mission) and schedule appointments with you
  • Connect opt-in page details (names, emails, phone numbers) to be transferred correctly to Autoresponder Software, and set up retargeting ads, so they see your ads constantly
  • Write excellent story-based emails and automate their delivery in email series called SOAP opera sequence. Which helps to bond with your prospective students and convince those still on the fence, to show up for the call or trial
  • Set up correct targeting, so you don’t waste time and money on people that could never become your customers
  • Help you qualify interested prospects on the phone so you don’t lose time with time-wasters

This Is NOT Some Theory But (Already) Tried, Tested And Proven Campaigns

Best of all, I already spent 534 days testing and tweaking all of this. I got it to the point where it works really, really well. All we have to do now is to get a language school on board with us. A company which would be able to accept these students and provide excellent classes.

So Why Would I do this?

Frankly, I love to help people and especially German language teaching businesses. My mom is a German teacher back home in Slovakia, and I always saw her struggle to get private students. So if I could help you with extra revenue, and your customers to speak, and my agency by getting a testimonial from you when we are successful, too. Then that would be a triple WIN.

It Sounds Too Easy!? 

Turning strangers to customers from the internet is incredibly hard. But if you study and implement the right material, it becomes easier and easier. E. Musk brings people to space and back. At its core, it’s simple. Just there and back. But it’s not necessarily easy. As there are steps in between that need to happen, and a lot of people must do their jobs properly.

How will it work?

Before any partnership is even discussed, I’d like you to see how it works. With a free trial where I’d send prospective students your way. You wouldn’t have to do anything or pay anything. I’d do all the work and even pay for your ads from my own pocket. And once we see if this can generate interest in the marketplace for your school... then you'll be able to make an informed decision about continuing.

What’s The Catch? 

There’s one catch about delivering results for the students. But I prefer to tell you on the phone, as it’s the secret sauce why these campaigns succeed. Or click the button below and get on our waitlist. As one of our insiders, you'll be able to see the whole process of how it works! But look…

We Don’t Even Know Each Other 

All I’m saying is, why not have a quick conversation and see if we think along the same lines. Maybe after those 5 minutes, we’ll realise it wouldn’t even be a good fit. According to my criteria, I have compiled a list of schools with which I could see myself working. I decided to write a letter to a few language schools in different cities here in Switzerland until I find one partner in each bigger city. You are among the first ones in you city.

Why Time Is Important

Time is our most precious resource so there's never a good time to waste a lot of it. Plus, it’s the beginning of the new year and a lot of people sign up for new resolutions (like learning a new language). And of course, I’d like to work with hundreds of language schools in the future... but right now because of how close we would work with each school we are able to work only with 5 clients at a time. So my question is…

Would A Short Conversation About Bringing You New Students Each Month... Be The Dumbest Thing You Did This Week?

To get someone into your corner who’s already building relationships with these expats in your area and send them to you. And “strangely,” maybe these Agencies are doing language schools a favour. After all, if what Mr Ogilvy said is correct (and it is). If these “experts” are incompetent, and with their slyness, or stupidity mislead small businesses, then it does create…

A Window Of Opportunity For Anybody Willing To Use Principles Of Direct Response Advertising

Which when brought into a “non-direct-response” market gives an upper hand almost immediately. Most business owners hate advertising because they have been burned before. I fully understand that. It sure does feel like throwing money into a black hole of marketing when you use a traditional approach! That’s not how I want to run a business (wasting clients’ money). We will probably never become as big as those fancy Agencies... And that’s fine since we want to specialize on language schools only. And just on businesses we can actually help and impress with results, not some shiny, big office buildings. And please remember that… 

This Isn’t Just Some Theory

Because anybody can talk, but that we actually do these campaigns already in practice. Click the button below and take a look at exact ads, sales pages, landing pages, opt-ins, images and headlines. Even targeting. The whole process! So the real question is…

What Can You Lose?

What catastrophic event can happen? If we are able to produce results for you, great. If not, you haven’t lost a single franc and didn’t have to build anything. So...


 You’ll receive all the details. Screenshots and video walkthroughs. Results where we got 24 people in 4 days. Or 9 people saying they are interested in just 1 day, from which I had a teaching contract as high as 4,500 CHF. In many cases, we had to actually stop the ads, because they were generating too many prospective students.

Click On The Button “Get On The Waitlist”

And you’ll receive more info, plus an option to book a call. A conversation. Where we would discuss how we could drive additional students to your school. The way it works is: We’d have a quick chat with you to learn about your challenges. To see if we could help you. Then, if it makes sense, we'd show you how we plan to get you more prospective students that turn into enrolments. So you could judge for yourself if it’s a good approach. There will never be a long-term contract. But the bigger advantage of direct response (measurable) advertising is always knowing the results. We only get paid if you continue month after month. And you’ll continue only if we make you ROI! Which keeps us very, very, motivated. And I think that’s fair. Don’t you?

About Peter Drotar

Hi, I'm really passionate about direct response (measurable) advertising because I’m a real marketing nerd and have behind me more than 5,000 hours of learning, testing, tweaking, studying and practice of real (direct response) marketing.

I lived and worked in 7 different countries (UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland). And therefore, I have a deep understanding and empathy for expats in Switzerland, that not many agencies have. I see into the minds of your target audience, because… I am your target audience. And good marketers should know everything there is about their target audience so they can appeal to them in their sales messages

Also, because of my travels I was able to learn 7+ languages to a conversational level. So when expats see the videos of me speaking 8 languages on our pages, ads, or emails... it gives me instant credibility and authority that what I do (and recommend) works. Also, because my occupation was to work in the service industry (hotels and restaurants), they believe they can do it too. They think: if Peter can, I can too, as opposed to me being some kind of language genius...

My Practice: 8 Languages - 8 Minutes



Do I have to have some gift from above...AKA "special talent" or be super-young?

Absolutely not! I barely graduated from high school in English (and in German - I couldn't even do it). I was literally the worst from my class. And you don't have to be super-young. I learned all of my languages after I was 26 years old.

Does the comprehensible input method takes effort?

Of course. But not the traditional kind of effort, boring and tedious. Rather swimming with the stream, not against it. 

Can I learn even if I have incurable allergy against grammatical terms?

Absolutely yes! A little secret - I had that allergy too and didn't know pronoun from preposition. That's why this approach was designed to have minimum grammatical terms in explanations.

Are you using the same method to learn languages Peter?

Absolutely, not only will you benefit of my trial and error throughout the years, of what works and what doesn't I also drink my own koolaid maintaing all my languages. You might see me in the office next to you learning some of my languages :) In the trenches with the same method.

How long? B. Is it really stress free?

A. 3-month-sprint. 6-8 hours a week. (although a bit more or less might be considered). 

B. Absolutely, you can even eat your fav. snacks in a relaxed atmosphere. Not forcing you to do anything. If you want speak... you'll speak, if you don't, you don't. You just listen (maybe write things down). No ridiculing and no forced homeworks, yaay :)

The Method?

The method is a combination of comprehensible input, stories, best language learning hacks from various Polyglots, and memory techniques memory champions use. 

In Short: Get 30-60 Prospective Students A Month (Expats Wanting To Learn German)... For Language Schools In Switzerland

...By Leveraging The Power Of Sales Funnels, Online Systems, and Paid Ads.


9 Expats in 1 day needing to learn German

8 Expats in 1 day wanting to learn German

14 Applications filled out. People wanting German classes

When it comes to advertising:

Have you heard about 20-year-research by Chet Holmes, who discovered that when you advertise your services and courses on Google... As to, enrol now. You only advertise to about 3% of your marketplace. And thus miss out on…up to 97% of prospective students – expats in Switzerland – who would be open to enrolling under different circumstances.

And did you know that cognitive neuroscientists N. Bunzeck and E. Düzel discovered that novelty is the number one thing (in advertising), that makes people stop, listen and take action. Because of the release of dopamine! But that very few businesses use it. Or know how to use it…

And did you also know that if language school advertising looks like obvious advertising, it reduces its readership by 500%! Maybe, all this combined is the reason why…